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  • 09 - 10March

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DAY 1 (1/April/2019)
Time Session

11:30- 12:00

Opening Ceremony (Hall B)
Speakers: Prof. Ahmed Al Ghamdi, President of Arab Beekeeping Association (ApiArab)

Prof. Siriwat Wongsiri, President of Asian Apicultural Association (AAA)

Dr. Peter Kozmus, Vice President & acting President of Apimondia

Eng. Shaikh Salem Bin Sultan Al Qasimi


SESSION: Bee Biology, Genetics & Breeding

SESSION CHAIR: Dr.Peter Kozmus, Vice President & Acting President of Apimondia)

12:00- 12:20 Breeding and selection of Apis mellifera carnica in Slovenia.

Peter Kozmus. Vice President & Acting President of Apimondia.

12:20- 12:40 Characterization of Sphingomyelin Phosphodiesterase (SMPD) Expression in Bumblebee (Bombus lantschouensis). 
Prof. Wu Jie, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
12:40- 13:00 Brood Rearing Enhancing Potential of Manually Packed Pollen Feeding in Comparison with Patty Form of Feeds.
Nuru Adgaba, Senior Researcher & Advisor, College of Food and Agricultural Sciences, King Saud University
13:00- 13:20 The effect of rearing season and food supplementation on drone reproductive qualities under semiarid conditions.
Abd Al Majeed Al Ghzawi
13:20- 13:40 Open Discussion
13:40- 15:00 Lunch & Prayer break

Hall A
SESSION: Bee Biology, Genetics & Breeding

SESSION CHAIR: Dr. Karl Crailsheim (Apimondia President of Scientific Commission-Bee Biology)

Hall B

SESSION: Bee Health & Toxicology

SESSION CHAIR: Dr. Jeffery Stuart Pettis (Apimondia President of Scientific Commission-Bee Health)

15:00- 15:20 Natural Selection and Supported Colony Management Systems for Sustainability and Productivity.
Muhsin Dogaroglu, FAO Senior Beekeeping Expert.

Strategies of Honeybee to Resist Stress.
Dr. Karl Crailsheim, President of Scientific Commissions-Bee Biology

15:20- 15:40 Cryopreservation of Honey Bee Drone Semen.
El Battawy, K.A.

Threats to Honey Bee Health.
Jeffery Stuart Pettis, President of Scientific Commissions-Bee Health

15:40- 16:00 Identification of Honeybee Supbspecies and Evaluation of Hybridization in Lebanon.
Wassim RIF.

Alternative Control Method for Varroa Mites.
Dr. Saad Masry, Lead Researcher, Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, UAE.

16:00- 16:20 The Effect of Feeding Honey Bees Pollen Substitutes during the Dearth Period, Sudan. 
Faisal Ibrahim Adam Osama. Ministry of Agriculture, Sudan.

The use of organic Varroa treatements in MENA Countries
Gianfranco Cadeddu, Chemicals Laif.

16:20- 16:40 Open Discussion

Sustainable Varroa, Tracheal and Tropilaelaps Honey Bee Mites Control in the 21st Century using NOD Apiary products’ Formic Acid Wicking Saccharide Strip Technology
David Vander Dussen, Lead Researcher, CEO, NOD Apiary Products Ltd.

16:40- 17:00  

Open Discussion

DAY 2 (2/April/2019)

Hall A
SESSION: Bee Management, Technologies, & Economy

SESSION CHAIR: Dr. Denis Anderson (Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority)

Hall B
SESSION: Quality of Bee Products

SESSION CHAIR: Dr. Shona Blair (Head of Research strategy at Imperial College London)

CO-CHAIR: Prof Wu Jie Co (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)

9:00- 9:20 Promoting African – Arab Regional Trade.
David Nhamo Mukomana, President of Regional Commissions-Africa.

Medicinal honey – The Sweet Solution to a Global Health Emergency?
Dr. Shona Blair, Head of Research Strategy at Imperial College London.

9:20- 9:40 Building a more sustainable honey industry for the UAE.
Denis Anderson. Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Determination of Some Heavy Metals and Elements in Honeybee and Honey Samples from Saudi Arabia.
Dalal Musleh Aljedani, Department of Biological Sciences (Zoology), University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

9:40- 10:00 Good beekeeping practice in production of bee products.
ANDREJA KANDOLF BOROVŠAK, Advisor for food saftey, Slovenian Beekeepers Association.

Dietary Intake of Potential Total Aflatoxins, Some Trace Elements and Pesticide Residues in Honey Bee Samples Marketed in Egypt.
Tarek. A. Abd El Rahman & Asmaa A. Eissa, Central Agricultural Pesticides Laboratory, Agricultural Research Center ARC, Egypt.

10:00- 10:20 Investment opportunities in the Bee Industry. 
Mussa Mofareh Algahtani, Economic researcher.

Important Key Points in Honey Assessment.
Natasa Lilek, Slovenian Beekeepers Association.

10:20- 10:40 The Key Role of Apiculture3 in Global Food & Nutrition Security until 2025 / 2050.
Manfred J. Kern. Agriexcellence Germany.

Effect of Microwave Treatment and Conventional Thermal Processing Method on Chemical Properties of Selected Crystallized Jordanian Honeys.
Shahera Zaitoun & Abd Al-Majeed Al-Ghzawi, Department of Plant Production and Protection, Al- Balqa’ Applied University, Jordan.

10:40- 11:00

Survey of Pesticide Residues in Bee Honey in the local market of UAE by using Green Analytical method.
Khadija Omar Al Mehri, Dr. Vijay Pisharody, Fatema Saeed Bin Bakhit and Maha Suwekeet AlHajri, Dubai Municipality

Chemical Profiling and Acaricidal Effects on Eutetranychus Orientalis (acari: Tetranychidae) of Propolis Extracts from Different Moroccan Areas. Amina Chakir, Cadi Ayyad University, Faculty of Science Semlalia, Marrakech Laboratory of Applied Chemistry.

11:00- 11:20 Effect of Different Coloured Light Traps on Captures and Controlling Wax Moth (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
Mahmoud, S.O. Plant Protection Res. Institute, A.R. C., Egypt.
Honey Authenticity – How to identify unknown sugar additions by LC-HRMS?
Dr. Kurt-Peter Raezke, Eurofins.
11:20- 11:40  Effect of using some designed frames for collection bee venom.
Mohanny, K. M. Faculty of Agriculture, South Valley University. Qena, Egypt.

Biogenic Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles (AgNPs) using Propolis Extract, their Characterization and Biological Activities.
Dr. Khalid Ali Khan, Asst Professor – Abha King Khalid University, Abha

11:40- 12:00 Legal requirements for the honey export into the EU.
Gerhard Rimkus, Intertek

Study on heavy metal content in honey samples available in the local market of UAE by using ICP-Ms.
Iftekhar Ahmed, Fatema Saeed Bint Bakhit, Maha Suwekeet AlHajri, Dubai Municipality

12:00- 12:20 Open Discussion

Open Discussion

12:20- 15:00 Lunch & Prayer break
  Hall A 

SESSION: Pollination & Beekeeping

SESSION CHAIR: Prof. Siriwat Wongsiri (President of Asian Apicultural Association)

CO-CHAIR: Prof. Chen Lihong (Secretary General, Apicultural Science Association of China)

Hall B

SESSION: Apitherapy

SESSION CHAIR: Dr. Cristina Maatescu (Apimondia President of Scientific Commission- Apitherapy)

15:00- 15:20


Bee Pollination Trends in the Greenhouse Horticulture in Japan.
Hitomi Enomoto. Treasurer, ApiScience Information Services (APISIS), Japan.

Clinical Trials in Apitherapy – The State-Of-The-Art.
Cristina Maatescu, President of Scientific Commission- Apitherapy.

15:20- 15:40


21st Century Beekeeping in the World
Chen Lihona, Secretary General, Apicultural science association of China.

Cytokine assessment and Immunomodulatory Effect of Bee Venom in HBV&HCVInfected Patients.
Helmy. A. Ghoniemy. Faculty of Agriculture , Fayoum University

15:40- 16:00

Project “Apilandia” Interactive Beekeeping Center. 
Tarkan Ince, Lyson



Rasha Alhaj. Imperial College London, UK

16:00- 16:20

Open Discussion

Neurological actions of honey bee products.
El-Seedi H.R. Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Uppsala University, Biomedical Centre

16:20- 16:40



Bee products as functional food: Chemical composition, Potential use in modern medicine 
Badiaa Lyoussi. University sidi Mohamed ben Abdallah, Morroco

16:40- 17:00



Synergistic antibacterial interaction between Yemini Sidr and Manuka honey against some human pathogens.
MOHAMMAD JAVED ANSARI, Asst Professor, King Saud University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

17:00- 17:20


Open Discussion


Day Three – Wednesday 3 April 2019
  Hall A Hall B
09:00- 10:30

Workshop: Modern Methods for Beekeeping

Dr. Muhsin Dogaroglu, FAO Expert

Workshop: Bees Forage & Feeding Under Water Scarcity
Dr. Sobhy Kassem, Chairman in API for pharmaceutical industries

11:00- 12:30

Workshop: Instructions to Win in International Competitions for the Best Honey

Andreja Borovšak & Nataša Lilek, Slovenia Beekeepers Association

Workshop: Control of Honey Bees’ Disease & Pests
Dr. Nasr Basuny, Agriculture Research Center

12:30- 13:30

Lunch & Prayer Break

13:30- 15:00

Workshop: Apitherapy 

Prof Miao Xiaoqing, Prof. Wu Zhenhong, Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University/ Fujian Apitherapy Institute, Fuzhou, China and Dr. Cristina Maatescu, President of the Apimondia Scientific Commission of Apitherapy

Workshop: Instrumental insemination and Methods of Honeybee Queens Rearing, Production and Introduction

Dr. Saad Al qahtani , King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia and Saad Masry, Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority


Day Four – Thursday 4 April 2019

8:00- 16:00

Trip to Bees Garden – Hatta, Dubai